This is a summary of the information we've acquired and experiences we've had since our son was born with bilateral microtia, bilateral aural atresia, and the resulting moderately severe conductive hearing loss.

When our son was born, we found that there was very little information available about atresia. Our intention is to share the knowledge we've gained, as well as pass on links to other resources we've found helpful. You are welcome to Email us directly at

[email protected] with any specific questions. However, we highly recommend you join our AtresiaMicrotia group on Yahoo Groups. It is a group of people who have, or have children with Atresia or Microtia. There is a wealth of information available from this very special group of people.

What is Aural Atresia/Microtia? Introduction, description, pictures, links

Our story

Bone conduction hearing aids, BAHA�

Surgical options Rib Graft, Polyethelene implant, Prosthetic, Canalplasty, Doctor Listings

Assessment, Intervention, Related Issues Classroom Modifications, Monaural Hearing

AtresiaMicrotia on Yahoo Groups


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