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Lego…Do you see it???


Look at the above picture for a while…keep looking, you’ll get it eventually…at least most of them.

Amazing Macro Photography of Insects in The Drops of Dew.

See the rest here:

perpetual motion bulldog can’t be stopped

‘Read Your Bookcase’ Bookshelves by Saporiti

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Riding the Booster with enhanced sound

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Woman breaks nose on Apple store, sues for $1M

An 83-year-old woman walks into the glass door of the Apple store in Manhasset, Long Island. Her lawyer blames the dangers posed by "high-tech modern architecture."

Read more:$1m/?tag=fd2010AuxPromo.0

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‘Cyber-illusionist’ Marco Tempest reveals his tricks

Follow the link to see the video:

And here is his TED talk video:

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A repeat I know…but so cool!  Best viewed full screen.

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National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Yup…it’s today!

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Symmetry (way cool video!)

Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

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Interesting…Does it all come down to save percentages???  Follow the link and find out more:

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