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8 Month Old Deaf Baby’s Reaction To Cochlear Implant Being Activated

8 months-old…first time his new cochlear implant is turned on…amazing.

Thanks Teresa!

Video: Fight for love? Bucks duke it out on Saanich man’s lawn

My Brother-in-law’s, friends brother took this video!  Seriously!  I am connected!


Thanks Joe!

BEST Fail Compilation September 2012

Nothing better than to watch a bunch of people failing…at least it isn’t you or me in that video!! (or is it???)

Jamie Kennedy Experiment…some more!!

What do Yoga, Pizza and a Judge have in common??  Nothing really…other than Jamie Kennedy…check out these videos!

Jamie Kennedy : Lifeguard in the Pool

A classic…Everyone out of the pool…I gotta pee!!

Thanks Martina!

Dog imitating Baby

Is the dog imitating the baby??  Or is the baby imitating the dog??

Thanks Carrie!

Ellen Degeneres Gets Her Mind Blown

Good close-up magic…always fun to watch, and figure out how he does it…can you figure these out?

Craziest Scare/Prank Trick Ever! Magician Sneezes Head Off!

I know it is fairly clear how he does it…but the effect it has on others is is funny!  Don’t you think?