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Grey Poupon "The Lost Footage" (via @TeskoVernon)


Yes!  There is “lost footage”…exciting!

Thanks Randy!


Car Paintball Is The Next Greatest Sport

Best. Paintball. Game. Ever.

Read more here: http://jalopnik.com/car-paintball-is-the-next-greatest-sport-447288017?utm_campaign=socialflow_jalopnik_facebook&utm_source=jalopnik_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow

Thanks Colin!

"2013 Independent Spirit Awards: Best Screenplay Nominees" – A Bad Lip Reading


Mason’s Buzzer Beater


Even kids can have a wicked buzzer beater shot!

Wearable Gesture Control from Thalmic Labs (via @Shwood)


Very cool new control option…

Thanks Brian Brushwood!

Top 10 Funny Scary Pranks 2012,LOL

Some of these are just cruel…but others are REALLY funny!  Can you tell which is which??

Useful Dog Tricks 3 performed by Jesse

This is a well trained, and very useful dog!!

Thanks Gail!

Evanna Lynch (AKA Luna Lovegood) was saved by J K Rowlings from Anorexia!

Basically, Evanna was pen pals with J K Rowling, and she became a “counsellor” of sorts…”Anorexia is destructive, not creative, and the brave thing was not to succumb to it.”  Evanna took this to heart, battled the anorexia, and went on to become Luna Lovegood!

Read the story here: http://dailyfill.com/jk-rowling-saved-evanna-lynch-aka-luna-lovegood-from-anorexia-77127

Thanks Ethan!