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Watch "REVO in Paris – Walk off the Earth”

Woot for Wote!!!

Thanks Ethan!

Russian Man Displays Parenting Done Right

It’s not in English…but I think you can catch the important bits…

Thanks Colin!

Having a Whale of a time!

Whales almost eat Divers!

17 Photos You Need To Really Look At To Understand

Undeniable Proof That Whiskey Is The Greatest Drink Ever


Thanks Colin!

SNL actors breaking character

33 Adults Recreate Their Childhood Photos

Some of these are a little creepy…just sayin…


Thanks Colin!

APOD: 2013 July 24 – A Year of Sky on Earth

So, they took a picture of the sky…every 10 seconds for an entire year.  Each “square” in the video corresponds to a time-lapse of the sky for a single day.  By watching the entire grid, you can see what days are longer/shorter as we move through the year….very cool.