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Oddly Specific swim diaper label…


A World First – pulling a tooth using a LIVE SQUIRREL!

Mattress Compression – Model 1390HCA

YouTube Challenge: Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Played Catch with My Dad

Dwayne Johnson Eats Candy for the First Time Since 1989

Get Ready for Artificial Meteor Showers


OK…For the record, I had this idea at least 10 years ago…when I learned that most of the “shooting stars” we see are originally the size of a grain of sand.  I figure you could go up in the space shuttle, and through out a hand full of sand…make a cool burst in the sky!

"CANDYMAN" played w/ 50,000 M&M’S! – Zedd & Aloe Blacc

Microburst Event

Planes take of by themselves!!