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Thanks Derek!

Atlas, The Next Generation

State of the art in robotics!

Thanks Derek!

Hound Internal Demo

Wow!!!  Amazing speech and language recognition.


Thanks Derek!

e-volo Firmenportrait Volocopter VC200


Thanks Derek!

Luis von Ahn: Massive-scale online collaboration

Thanks Derek!

Circuit Stickers

Circuit Stickers from Jie Qi on Vimeo.

Thanks Derek!

The future is here: reach out and touch someone thousands of kilometres away


Thanks Andrey!

Thanks Derek!

Anyone want a translation job??

  • Measuring cup rice paddle your plate with steamed
  • The reduction in the drawer firmly rice taste (if Ne e) by the deployment "Big tank 250ml back taste" to raise cook evenly in the "cooking dance" rice method of SANYO’s proprietary! Good thermal conductivity draw a horse in the "copper coat thickness kettle". It is a necessity for long-term stay abroad. Made in Japan that it is pleased with a souvenir! (MADE IN JAPAN) Power: 220V 50/60Hz Power: 1200W Accessories: measuring cup, rice paddle, steaming plate, operation panel seal (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) manual: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean power plug of this product ※ word is [SE] plug. Conversion adapter is required if the outlet mouth of another type. It is not available in Japan (sold separately) ※ this product.


Thanks Derek!