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Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943

Amazing colour pictures from a long time ago…many more after the link:


Thanks Glen!

Watch A Mind-Blowing Visualization Of ‘The Rite Of Spring’

Mesmerising…watch it for a while…I dare you…


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If ‘Star Wars’ Characters, Alliances Were Brands…

See the rest, follow the link:


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One Man Star Wars Trilogy

OK, I remember a lot of the lines from the movies…but not like this!


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A Boy And His Atom: The World’s Smallest Movie

Atom by atom…frame by frame…

How it was made:

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This is just plain insane!
I thought the running of the bulls was crazy…
Once a year every town and city in Catalonia celebrates its Grand Festival. The streets fill with merrymakers who are only too glad to let strangers join in the fun. Many places keep up traditional customs of ancient origin.
In the region of Tarragona you can wonder at the agility and strength of the Castellers as they build their spectacular human towers.  Teams of men stand on each others’ shoulders in an effort to build the highest human tower.  Each tower, which can be up to seven stories high, is topped by a small boy called the anxaneta.  Castellers can be seen in action in many towns, especially Vilafranca del Pened and Valls.

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My buddy Glen Trainor…song writer…had his song Wilson produced…have a listen.

Thanks Glen!

The Doors – Riders on the Rainbow!?!?!?

Major Scaled #3 : The Doors – " Riders On The Rainbow" from major scaled on Vimeo.

Seems to be the new thing….take a song that is normally in a minor key, and “switch it up” into a major key.  Can you hear the difference?  “Riders on the storm”…becomes more of a “Riders on the Rainbow”

Thanks Glen!