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Seinfeld Bloopers SEASONS 6 – 9

Thanks Rob!

Somebody That I Used To Know – WOTE Parody!

Thanks Rob!

For those that don’t know…first there was this:

A very cool video/song….but then WOTE decided to cover it (WOTE = a band named “Walk Off The Earth”)…they did it on a single guitar, and it became incredibly popular (more than 153 MILLION views)

And now there is a parody, of the cover, of Goyte you saw at the start of this post.

Now you know.

2-Year-Old Boy And His Dad Perform The Beatles’ ‘Don’t Let Me Down’


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Thanks Ethan!

Security Camera Video Captures Good Too

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Thanks Martina!

Miniatur Wunderland *** official video 2012 *** largest model railway / railroad of the world

Thanks Rob!