Shock Mounts

Not the most common of subjects, but these are some shock mounts I found lying around at work…pile em up, turn on macro and away we go….This was taken quite a while ago (2004), and there are a few things I would change…highlights too bright, larger DOF, maybe a different crop etc. etc.

A rainbow!

A simple rainbow…not generated in the normal way. This is the back side of a CD (the “data” side). I had a simple incandescent bulb directly above, and if I took the picture at just the right angle, I got a huge vibrant rainbow…I took another with water drops on it as well, which I like even more…to be posted at a later date.


Not my finest shot…but I kinda liked how the rear view mirror caught the sunset, and the slightly longer exposure blurred the oncomming traffic. There can be a picture almost anywhere, anytime!!


Plates….This is not a “colourized” picture of white plates, but this is actually four pictures, of four different coloured plates, spliced together. Looking at it know, I think I should have arranged the coloures differently….perhaps swapped the green and red positions.

PInk Orchid

I know, VERY pink….Orchids have always been a great subject of photographers…I this might have been better if I had zoomed in a lot more, and focused on the intricate middle of this bloom. Well, perhaps when I come accross another I will!

Accidental photograph

OK, I’ll admit it, this one was a bit of a mistake…I was trying to take shots of my son playing soccer, but the camera was having trouble focusing, and would not take the shot fast enough (Older digital cameras are SLOW!!)….I missed the shot I was after, and I was mocing the camera closer so I could change the settings, and this shot was taken…turned out failry good for a mistake!! Even showcases the NIKE swoosh!

Happy Canada Day!

Once of my first attempts at fireworks…The long exposure gives great “trails”, but my camera is limited on the F stop, and thus the trails are blown out. I have now learned about ND filters (Neutral Density). If I had one of these then, this picture would have been better.

Look around!

Not necessarily the best picture in the world…but I think it demonstrates that a picture can be found almost everywhere! Carry your camera everywhere, an look around! If you don’t try to take the picture, you won’t get one, guranteed.