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I saw this window near where I work…not sure why, but they had different coloured material over each section…

I tried straightening the shot, removing the perspective…which do you like better? (or do you like either??)


This is actually a combination of three shots….but they were all taken from the same location. This is the actual view, but I took three shots to get the exposure right on each of the three colours (it is not just a cut & paste).


Bet you couldn’t guess what this was….I took it in the food court in West Edmonton mall…at the top of one of the pillars, where the light fictures shine off of the ceiling…I did look a bit strange taking a picture lookiung up at the ceiling, but that is the price you pay for a cool picture.
This one is not toallt symmetrical, which bothers me a bit, as I think these types of shots chouls be as close to perfect as possible….maybe I should go back to Edmonton to reshoot…

DIP’s on PCB

OK, the geekier side of me is showing…this is a macro of some IC’s and resistor packs on a PCB (DIP packages…Dual Inline Pins) I like the DOF, but I should have cleaned the board off first…some dust is showing…this is a common problem with macro shots…your eye doesn’t see the dust as clearly as a real closeup macro shot will!