Barkerville Church


A classic picture, of the church in Barkerville. Couple things I would change if I could…1) Include more on the right, to capture the complete building. 2) Flag at top is blown out, and almost disappears, 3) clouds are a bit distracting. Whart do you think?

The Mighty Dogwood!


Taken of our Dogwood tree in our froont yard…kinda jumps out of the frame doesn’t it?? Well, the picture could have been a bit clearer in the foreground…DOF too shallow…perhaps I will try again sometime…

BTW: Did you know you can leave comments? Let me know what you think! Good or bad…I can take it!

Night time Buds


Ok, Imaging this, it is dark out, I am holding a flashlight in one hand, manipulating settings and such on a camera with the other, and in addition I am fending off the mosquitos who find me irresistable…put it all together and what have you got? This picture!