I made a Ring Light!!

It all started when my buddy Mat sent me this link:


image How to make a ring light for your camera, for only ~$15…I took a look at the instructions, and where to get the ring of LED’s…turns out, it is at one of my favourite web-sites: www.dealextreme.com

SO I ordered, built and tested…Mine does not look quite as slick as the one in the picture above, but check out the results!

First, with no flash at all:

DB9 No FlashTool No FlashThe image of the connector shows motion blur…with no flash, the shutter needs to stay open longer, and if you wiggle at all…blur.

Now, with the on-camera flash:

DB9 Flash

Tool FlashThe image of the DB9 shows some good detail…where the flash was able to reach!  bottom right of both images have the on-camera flash shadowed by the lens of the camera itself, resulting in very uneven lighting.

Now…the ring light:


DB9 Ring Light Tool Ring Light

Even lighting, the detail is there for the whole image.  Nice.  The DB9 image still has a DOF problem…but that is a whole other issue, and has little to do with the lighting.

Let me know what you think!