I managed to catch my odometer just before and just after rolling over from 99999 to 100000…better yet, I managed to catch a shot in between as well!

ODO Rollover_600You can even see the blur from the numbers dropping down!!  

Strange Lines!


PCB1_600Another experiment…took a screen capture of a PCB layout…selected specific layers/traces…and then fractalized it…OK…So this one has absolutely nothing to do with photography…it is just an image I reated.  I suppose I could have taken a picture of the screen, but that would have been just plain silly!

Don’t take A fence!

I was out for a walk, and saw this new fence being put up….I liked the geometry/angles etc, and snapped this shot.

Fence Orig I tried to get the “butt end” about 1/3 from the left and the bottom (“rule of thirds" you know).  And then I went to town in Paint Shop.

First, you will notice the perspective wasn’t right on…I took the picture angled downwards a bit, so I did some perspective correction.  Then I cloned out the white space between the boards, as I found it a bit distracting…I also cleaned out the other distracting stuff between boards.  Then I clarified, adjusted contrast/saturation, and got this:

IMG_4483_2A little better…I always like wood grains in monotone….so let’s try sepia.

Fence 1Hmmm…one more thing left to try.  Lets go back to colour, and add my newly discovered filter 

Fence 3Which do you like best??