The Boat


We were on vacation in Mexico, on a beach, and 5 Men row ashore in this boat…I snapped a shot, and then did a bunch of PS work to remove all of the swimmers and other boats in the background.


This is the picture straight out of the camera….cropping, cloning, saturation boost, contrast and brightness adjustments…



Saw these sandals for sale at an outdoor market in Mexico…As you may have noticed, I like repeating patterns and such…had to take a shot.  I then tweaked it a bit…first boost the saturation, and contrast a bit to get this:


Then I thought I would try some sepia toning:


Kinda nice…brings out the details, but I find I miss the colour…so why not a little of both!



Ahh…the final image…I find it has the right colour/leathery feel to it…what do you think?  You like?  You hate?



Taken in Mexico…but this could have been taken anywhere….we were on the beach, and some people sitting next to us had this colourful sun umbrella…I snuck over when they weren’t there and snapped a shot….the guy showed up just as I was taking it and he tried to charge me $20 for taking the image…in jest of course…It is a fairly simple image, but as you probably know by now, colours and geometry attract me…and this has a bit of both!