Capilano River

Went for a “Photo Walk” with my daughter…she got a camera for Christmas…taking photo’s just like her Dad!


Here is a another “Picture of someone taking a picture”..been done before I know…but this time I de-saturated most of the picture, and boosted the camera screen to emphasis what the photographer see’s!


And here are some shots from “what I saw in my camera”…


Beautiful British Columbia!


The “small falls” near the fish hatchery…we were walking into see the Cleveland Damn…but there was only a trickle.  i suppose they are still letting the reservoir fill up from the low levels of summer.


“Our Path…”


And sometime the best pictures are the easiest to take….This view below was at the start of our walk, on the brige across the river.  Truly a gorgeous scene! Point the camera, and snap the picture…hard to get it wrong here!


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