Here is an easy, inexpensive way to mount your digital photos.

1) Have your digital photo printed at any one of the kazillion photo print places around (I have found Costco to be very inexpensive, and I get good results. London Drugs always does a great job, but can be a bit more expensive). You can print out any size you would like (4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 8×12, 12×16 etc)

2) Purchase some foam core. Usually comes in 24″x36″ sheets, but can come in larger or smaller sizes (Staples, Office Depot etc). White is the most common colour, but you can get other colours. For this purpose, you will really only see the colour of the foam core itself, not the colour of the front or back. I have only seen white and black cores, but many colours for the paper sides. Usually this foam core is ~1/4″ thick, but any thickness you want to use will do.

3) Get some spray on adhesive (I have used Elmers Spray Adhesive, but there are many others available). Spray the back side of the print, making sure you aim the spray “away from the edges”. Hard to explain, but if you spray “into” the edges, the spray may get under, and then onto the picture side of your print.

4) Carefully pick up your print by the edges. Be aware if any glue gets on your fingers, as you don’t want that to get onto your print. Slightly curl the print so when you place it on the foam core, the middle of the print touches first. Allow yourself at least a 1″ boarder around the print, and you don’t have to be too exact on the placement, as you will be cutting away the excess foam core later. Ease/roll the print slowly down onto the foam core, trying to avoid any wrinkles or bubbles. Press the print down onto the foam core. Perhaps with a clean cloth to protect the picture.

5) Get a clean straight edge, and a sharp utility knife. I use a steal ruler, with some very fine sandpaper (400 grit) glued to the back side (so the ruler does not slide when I am using it). Any
utility knife, or exacto knife will do, as long as it is sharp. If using a utility knife with the break away blades, it might be wise to break off a new edge before using.

6) Line up the straight edge carefully on one edge of the picture. If anything, err on the side of trimming a tiny amount of the picture itself. Run the blade perpenticularly with the picture, but at a 45 degree angle along the cutting direction. Slowly and steadilty run the blade the length of the edge, going past the limits of your picture. Be sure to hold the straight edge steady during this step. If it slips, you will be sorry! (Oh yeah…watch the fingers too!)

6) Repeat the cut for all four edges, and voila! You have a mounted picture!

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