These blooms are out again…although this shot was taken last year.  Not sure what these blooms are called, but I like their unique shape and vibrant colour.

Yet another Flower Pic!

A fairly simple picture of a PCB…Done rather haphazzardly, and thus the lighting is not the greatest.  I would like to take this one again.


I don’t even remember where I took this, saw a pile orf rope, and snapped a shot….I always liked the warm colours/shadows/details in this one.


Took this quite a while ago (October, 2003!). I am not totally happy with the lighting/focus and I should have oriented the paper labels more carefully. I may attempt this again sometime, with better lighting, and more care, I stil like the concept.


Kinda cool….expand the features of your Canon Camera. Longer exposures (64 seconds), shorter exposures (1/100,000s), scripts, motion sensing etc. Way cool if your camera is supported.

Stone wall at longbeach. I liked the angles/cracks etc.


I know, I know, Another cheesy sunset….I don’t care what you say, I like sunsets! So there BPLBPBLP! (Full res image shows much more detail,

Plane old Sunset

Riding the ever famous trolly cars in San Fransisco…at the top of one of their huge hills looking down at the water. Lots of fun if you ever get a chance to visit.

Visiting my Aunt and Uncles place, they had recently purchased an old 60’s(?) style lamp from a garage sale, I liked the geometry and took a few closeup pictures…this was my favourite.

Jamie Livingston took a poloroid a day from March 31, 1979 through October 25, 1997

The Story:

The Site:

(The site has been down due to too much traffic, but keep checking, it is supposed to be back up soon).

A Poloroid a day…

Trip to San Fransisco, these are the boats near Pier 39. Want the full Res image? Let me know (

The Boats

Just some barbed wire against a bloe/cloudy sky. Took this while waiting at the ferry terminal in 2003. I kinda liked the perspective.


Taken a few years ago camping at Green lake…took many photos, but this was my favourite.  Looks great printed as an 8×10.

Where is Green Lake you ask?? It’s right here.

Want the full resulution digital image for a windows background?  Want to make a print for yourself?  Just send me a $1, and I will e-mail the full image to you. 

Sunset on Green Lake

This is a picture I set up in my garage, used a 500W work lamp, and a 100W incandescent. I can’t say the idea was original as I have seen the heart shadow before, but this was my first attempt at duplicating the effect.

Here is another great shot form the PhotoSig web site:

Comments? critiques? All appreciated


Picture #0002, 2008-05-19

Steve’s Picture of the Day #0001

Took this picture on the way to sledding…thought the snow onthe chain link fence looked kinda cool…the red siding to the house worked as a good backdrop I thought.

Here is another cool picture I found… not mine, but I like it.

If you have not heard of PhotoSig, you should check it out. 1000’s of photographers (including some professionals) submit their pictures to be critiqued by peers. It is amazing wha you can learn by reading the comments.

Speaking of comments…got any? Let me know!


My First Post!!