On one of my lunch hour walks…camera in hand…never know what you ma see/notice.  I must have walked past these 100’s of times, but this time they caught my eye…snapped a few shots, some tweaking in PS to get a more dramatic effect…and this is the result.  One thing I have learned (over and over again…) always have your camera in hand, cuz you never know what you may see….and why not try a shot or two?  Even if it is not perfect, you may learn something, or you may even find a gem amongst the snapshots!

Lunch Hour Walk

No, It’s not mine…a friend bought a “new” car…a gorgeous 1966 Super Sport Chevelle…Sun was shining, and I happened to have my camera with me.  Pictures were good (I thought), but I “spiffed” them up a bit in post processing…boosted the contrast, soft light overlay, and boosted the saturation to get that almost surreal “pop”…let me know what you think!  Some may think I went too far… and in fact I “pushed” these more than I normally do…cuz I could, and it appealed to me…so there blpbplbplbplbpl!













New Car!!!

IMG_6399_modTook MANY shots of this, and I think this was the best….I cloned out a few clouds out of the top of the image, as I found they were “closing in”…The sun and the reflection are blown out…taking the picture later, with the sun lower in the sky would help this, but unfortunately very shortly after this picture, the sun went behind the clouds, so this was as good as it gets!


Many pictures this time, in succession…387 pictures in fact!  Taken from my back deck at intervals of 15 seconds and played back at 20fps….that’s 300 times normal speed!!!  WuHoo!



Canada Day celebrations always end up in fireworks…and that is always a great excuse to get the camera out!  This is a compilation of 6 images I snapped July 1, 2011…Let me know what you think!


Revisited this picture from a while back…I always liked the shot, but there were cigarettes in the foreground that I did not like…well I finally got around to cleaning them up, and this is the result.

Cute little Chipmonk


Water and Log Faded 700

This image used all of my “tricks”…this is my first “real” HDR.  Tripod and 5 images taken with a ND filter, and a polarizing filter….followed by PS tweaking…  I went through several versions of this image, but I think this slightly de-saturated version is my favourite.  You can see the other versions I tried in my Etsy store…



The view off the deck in the daytime, and at night…beautiful…peaceful.


We were on vacation in Mexico, on a beach, and 5 Men row ashore in this boat…I snapped a shot, and then did a bunch of PS work to remove all of the swimmers and other boats in the background.


This is the picture straight out of the camera….cropping, cloning, saturation boost, contrast and brightness adjustments…

The Boat


Saw these sandals for sale at an outdoor market in Mexico…As you may have noticed, I like repeating patterns and such…had to take a shot.  I then tweaked it a bit…first boost the saturation, and contrast a bit to get this:


Then I thought I would try some sepia toning:


Kinda nice…brings out the details, but I find I miss the colour…so why not a little of both!



Ahh…the final image…I find it has the right colour/leathery feel to it…what do you think?  You like?  You hate?



Taken in Mexico…but this could have been taken anywhere….we were on the beach, and some people sitting next to us had this colourful sun umbrella…I snuck over when they weren’t there and snapped a shot….the guy showed up just as I was taking it and he tried to charge me $20 for taking the image…in jest of course…It is a fairly simple image, but as you probably know by now, colours and geometry attract me…and this has a bit of both!


Sitting in the car, waiting for my son’s hockey practice…I had the camera and tripod in hand.  Listen to the radio and take a picture every 10 seconds…then use software to combine them into a movie, and use some other software to smooth the jitter (tripod was not that stable, and moved a bit every time I took a picture)….voila!  I suppose I could have boosted the saturation a bit, and perhaps sharpened a bit…but these are the images straight out of the camera.

Horses really are beautiful creatures…and I have tried to capture that in these photo’s I took a few years back.  Today I revisited them, and tried to enhance them a bit…Let me know what you think.




Prints available at



IMG_3474_modOut for a walk at lunch, and the sky happened to have just the right type of clouds to stand underneath a power line structure, and take a picture straight up… I have taken this shot before, but only against a grey sky…The picture is a bit busy, but I like all the different patterns/shapes you can find.  whadya think?


Went for a “Photo Walk” with my daughter…she got a camera for Christmas…taking photo’s just like her Dad!


Here is a another “Picture of someone taking a picture”..been done before I know…but this time I de-saturated most of the picture, and boosted the camera screen to emphasis what the photographer see’s!


And here are some shots from “what I saw in my camera”…


Beautiful British Columbia!


The “small falls” near the fish hatchery…we were walking into see the Cleveland Damn…but there was only a trickle.  i suppose they are still letting the reservoir fill up from the low levels of summer.


“Our Path…”


And sometime the best pictures are the easiest to take….This view below was at the start of our walk, on the brige across the river.  Truly a gorgeous scene! Point the camera, and snap the picture…hard to get it wrong here!


Capilano River

I opened a store so people can order prints of my Photo’s!

There are already many prints to choose from in the store, but if there is one of my pictures you see that is not in the store, let me know and I can add it for you. Any picture, any size! The prints in my store are generally 8×10 or 8×12’s, but I can get you any size from as small as 4″x6″ to a whopping 24″ x 36″!! Do you want a frame added? Removed? Cropped differently? I’ll do anything for a buck, just let me know!


I opened a Store!!!


These were my favourite shots from the Manning park trip.  There were two bucks and a doe, and they were very used to having people around…which meant that we could get quite close, and they were not phased at all…lead to these closeup pics.  I could have followed these deer for an hour, and taken more…but the rest of the family was ready to move on…at least I caught a couple of good shots!

Oh Deer!


OK, this one was just for fun…it is not going to win any awards for photography, or cinematography for that matter..I was renovating my fireplace, and shot off a picture every brick or so…play them together in a video an this is what you get!