IMG_7117 A couple of “view” shots from the top of the trail.

The View


Swirlies in wood…close-up, and boost the colour…I love it!  What do you think?  I would like to see this in a large poster on my wall!


Cut Tree 

Concentric, rotting circles full of colour!

Cut Tree



Turns out there are a lot of chipmunks in Manning Park, and they are quite photogenic, and very willing to have their picture taken.


Drove up a 7km hill to this lookout point near Lightning Lake…Fantastic view!

Then we drove a bit further, and then hiked up a bit, and got this view!


Not sure the pictures do the view justice.  Second pano has the sky blown out…probably needed a tripod, and several exposures to combine into an HDR to do it right…Click on the images to see a slightly larger version…the original images are HUGE! (5 x 12 Megapixels!)


Found some rotting wood…took a picture…that is about it!  This image is basically untouched, I only cropped a bit off the top to frame it a bit better.  This shot looks great in full res, the detail is amazing.

This wood is petrified!

The MoonOK…we could see the almost full moon from our campsite, through the trees, it looked fantastic!  Taking a picture of it was quite difficult.  This was the best I could do. I think I need to blame it on my camera…if I adjusted the aperture for the moon, so it wasn’t totally blown out, the surrounding trees/sky were too dark.  I tried post processing to bring up the sky, and thus the tree silhouettes, but this was as good as it got. I think to capture this properly, I would need a tripod, and take several pictures with different exposures…then create a HDR (High Dynamic Range) combined image.  Maybe next time.

The Boat A sunset, water, reflections and a hand made boat…it’s peaceful at Lightning Lake!

SunsetThanks to my niece for pointing this shot out to me! Nice colours in the sky…great for a silhouette!

Lake, Hills and WaterAnother shot of lightning lake in Manning park…Beautiful lake for canoeing/kayaking etc.  No motors allowed! 

Lake Reflection Trip to Manning park, Lightning Lakes… More pics to come!

Where is Lightning Lakes?

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White FLower

This is a picture I took a while back…and I am revisiting…tweaked it a bit more to give it a bit more colour and “punch”… I like the simplicity…

White Flower Again…


This bird is only ~1 week old…it has already grown a lot, but nowhere near ready to leave the nest…I think it is just plain tuckered out from growing!

New Bird

I managed to catch my odometer just before and just after rolling over from 99999 to 100000…better yet, I managed to catch a shot in between as well!

ODO Rollover_600You can even see the blur from the numbers dropping down!!  



Found this picture I took a couple of years ago, and never did anything with it…Cleaned it up a bit, and thought I would post it…Notice the larger size image now?  I will start posting bigger images so you can see more of the detail.


IMG_4620_600Well, 4 Eggs actually.  This bird made a nest in my neighbours planter on her deck…snapped a quick pic of her keeping them warm.  I am hoping I can get some pics of them after they have hatched…a shot of the Mom feeding one of the babies would be fantastic!  (The original image is 4000×3000, and the detail is great!  Anyone want this as a poster on their wall?)

Robin laid an Egg…


PCB1_600Another experiment…took a screen capture of a PCB layout…selected specific layers/traces…and then fractalized it…OK…So this one has absolutely nothing to do with photography…it is just an image I reated.  I suppose I could have taken a picture of the screen, but that would have been just plain silly!

Strange Lines!


I keep finding new images to try with the filter…Something about the effect that I really like.