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I keep finding new images to try with the filter…Something about the effect that I really like.



Just another macro of some Dandelions…tweaked a bit in post processing of course!

I was out for a walk, and saw this new fence being put up….I liked the geometry/angles etc, and snapped this shot.

Fence Orig I tried to get the “butt end” about 1/3 from the left and the bottom (“rule of thirds" you know).  And then I went to town in Paint Shop.

First, you will notice the perspective wasn’t right on…I took the picture angled downwards a bit, so I did some perspective correction.  Then I cloned out the white space between the boards, as I found it a bit distracting…I also cleaned out the other distracting stuff between boards.  Then I clarified, adjusted contrast/saturation, and got this:

IMG_4483_2A little better…I always like wood grains in monotone….so let’s try sepia.

Fence 1Hmmm…one more thing left to try.  Lets go back to colour, and add my newly discovered filter 

Fence 3Which do you like best??

CD Cover Concept 2Had an idea for the cover art for a CD, maybe with some fiddle music…What do you think?

Here are a few of my favourites…I think this effect is best left for the occasional photo…not really meant for everyday use.

IMG_2157IMG_4528IMG_4532 Have I “Jumped the Shark” on these???…Maybe.


What do you think?  Do you like?  Do you hate?  Let me know!  

Found a plug-in for my photo editing software…The next couple of days posts will be the results of my experimentation…quite abstract…a bit surreal…but there is something about these images that I really like…this may pass, and I am not sure I would want these on my walls…but they are great for a photoblog!

IMG_1323IMG_1362  IMG_4538